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About Us


Ana Perju

Ana is the proud owner of AP Hair Bar. She is passionate about creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for women like you. As a licensed hairstylist since 2000, Ana cherishes the connections she's formed with her guests throughout the years. Since establishing her own studio suite in 2016, she's been dedicated to providing time-saving services that result in amazing hair lasting not just weeks, but months.
Ana's commitment extends to offering services for women of all cultures and hair textures. In June 2020, she discovered the magic of Hair Botox, sparking her journey into the world of hair smoothing treatments. With Ana, you can expect to be nurtured and cared for from the moment you step into the studio. As a busy wife, mom, and entrepreneur, Ana understands the importance of self-care and self-love, making it a priority in her salon.
Join us at AP Hair Bar, where Ana's expertise and dedication will ensure your time in the studio radiates with the utmost care and attention.

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